Divorce is Pendulum Swinging Again Towards a Less Gender-Bias Custody Situation

The pendulum is swinging once again in divorce proceedings. Yes, divorce is ugly and often terrible for the children involved. But, the courts have sought a method of tackling divorce and custody that has been successful- kind of. Though men were favored in the 18th century, women were strongly favored in a large part of the 20th century, particularly since the 1950’s. Specifically, women were considered superior in their childcare abilities. Like many things in politics and government, the backlash of the doctrines protecting mothers may result in another pendulum swing to the other side. Rarely are things done modestly.

In the last few years in divorce, many fathers have received rights to seeing their children that would have been rare in any other decade of the last century. Fathers are able to conform to more traditional roles of being a father post-divorce, and they can do so while always fighting an exhausting court battle in the name of what is right. Fathers have a real chance here to be, well, fathers, in the aftermath of a divorce. What can this entail and what will it require?

It may require, above all, a reasonable disposition. A lack of confidence can help here because this trend is certainly not a dominant factor in modern divorce. It still takes a practiced level of patience to navigate the court of law. It is one of the reasons why lawyers are more than just prominent- they are a major force in divorce court.

There is still a stigma against dad, but that is quickly fading. Fathers need be responsible in what they say because the cards are subtly stacked against them. But, the deck is certainly better counted than it has been in decades.

So, instead of taking a more gender-neutral role, fathers may be given more “power” to even things out. Hopefully, this will stop at a fair and just middleground where both parents” have a non-stigmatized opportunity to express their ability to care for a child. For more on modern divorce, visit the website http://www.theglobaldispatch.com/equal-residential-custody-a-modern-divorce-solution-67584/. There is a whole lot more to know about this nuanced topic.