When Someone’s Been Arrested For A Crime, They Should Always Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter what time of crime someone’s been arrested for, they should always make sure their rights are protected. Cellmates may offer their “legal” opinion and friends and family may tell a defendant stories they have heard, but no information will be more accurate than the legal advice a criminal defense attorney can offer. Serious consequences can occur when someone doesn’t have the legal defense they need or if they’re relying on a public defender to represent their interests. Experience in the criminal justice system by an attorney is the key to receiving the best outcome possible for a case.

A criminal defense attorney can represent a client that has criminal charges in traffic tickets, felonies and misdemeanors, larceny, embezzlement, assault, robbery, sex crimes, alcohol, and murder. They can also represent clients that have been charged in Federal Court, including DWI on the beach, drug charges, reckless driving, speeding, hunting and fishing violations, trespassing and other crimes. Even if a crime seems petty to a defendant, it can have long-lasting consequences. It can prohibit someone from obtaining a job or could affect a job they currently have. A felony conviction will prohibit someone from receiving any type of federal funding to further their education.

A felony conviction will prohibit someone from receiving any type of federal funding to further their education. Security clearances for a current job can be completely lost depending on the crime. This can affect someone future earning potential and career. A criminal conviction not only punishes the defendant, it can have extenuating problems that extend into a family. Pursuing the best legal defense in the area will only help a defendant that is innocent or cares about their or the family’s future. High fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record can and will affect someone’s life forever.

A criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate the entire case and immediately begin building a defense. Hiring an attorney quickly after an arrest could result in a much better outcome for your charges. They should be present at the bond hearing and forward. If you need strong and reputable legal defense, please visit teagueandgloverlaw.com